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Our caring team of professionals is dedicated to restoring health, wellness, & balance to ALL who come through our doors.
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Dennis Elmergreen, PsyD, LP

Dennis Elmergreen, PsyD, LP

Kandace Elmergreen, MS, LCSW

Kandace Elmergreen, MS, LCSW

Courtney Derus, PsyD, LP

Courtney Derus, PsyD, LP

David Derus PsyD

David Derus, PsyD, LP

Gary Grote MDiv CSAC

Gary Grote, MDiv, CSAC

Colleen Angel LPC SAC-IT

Colleen Angel, LPC, SAC-IT

Susie Rood MS LPC

Susie Rood, MS, LPC

Staff Expertise

With an extensive team of therapists professionally trained in a wide array of services, our state-certified Mental Health & AODA Clinic is well staffed to provide clinical evaluations, as well as to provide individual, group, or family counseling in a prompt, effective, & discrete manner. All therapists are supervised by a licensed psychologist to ensure the best quality of care.

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